Maps and Transportation

Here is a link to a map of the Keele campus, where the conference will be held:

The conference sessions will be in TEL the Technology Enhanced Learning Building.  It is number 39 on the pdf map at the link above.  If you are staying in The Pond Road Residence, like TEL it’s on Pond Road and right across the street from TEL.  If you drive and need to park your car on campus the closest parking during the day is at the Bennett Student Services Centre just a few buildings east of TEL; it’s number 41.  The Seymour Schulich Building (42) and the Executive Learning Centre (94) are part of one complex across the street from Bennett and just a little east of TEL.  I will add other buildings as them become part of the schedule but most of them are in the southeast corner of the campus and very close together.

Do not be fooled by the outdoor parking lots even if they have booths.  Some of them are no longer functional.

There are public transit, driving directions, safe routes and walking trails also at:

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